Selected Works

Americium The Beautiful
Nick Stannous' idyllic suburban life is disrupted when a Congressman mysteriously dies at his school's science fair. All fingers point to one person, but Nick knows better. Or does he?
Specific Gravity
Dr. Alexander Darkkin is a brilliant but dysfunctional physician whose six-month sabbatical leads him and amazing scientist Bonnie Mendoza on a strange journey to investigate a possible homicideŚwith a 'murder weapon' so bizarre it seems inconceivable.
Ontario Lacus
A brilliant bio-geneticist intent on using perhaps the greatest scientific discovery of all time for his own perverted end . . . A grizzled, troubled old warrior who embarks on perhaps his last adventure, to settle an old score . . . A physician leader, someday destined for greatness, whose life is turned upside down by something she can't control . . . A scientist of extraordinary gifts who, with an unlikely ally, must become the world's deadliest cybernetic weapon . . . The unlikely union of two very different families results in the greatest, deadliest scientific showdown of all time, as super-scientist Dr. Bonnie Mendoza and the bizarre Dr. Rad Darkkin travel to the Caribbean to destroy the evil Dr. Malachi Argon.
Basic Endocrinology--An Interactive Approach
This book is intended as a problem-based tool and self-assessment guide for medical students, residents, and others wishing for a review of clinical endocrinology. This book will provide a solid foundation of clinical endocrinology, either as a core textbook or as a supplemental self-test and review. The book is designed in an easy-to-read "frequently asked question" format.
How The Endocrine System Works
A highly informative yet humorous collection of nine easy to digest 'lectures' which discuss the fundamental workings of the endocrine system in health and disease.
Case Studies in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism: A Problem-Oriented Approach
A challenging set of endocrinology cases to test your knowledge of this fascinating topic. Intended audience: medical students, residents, and practicing physicians.


I am a physician (endocrinologist) and residency program director born in Muncie, Indiana. I enjoy writing as a means of personal expression and to enhance the body of knowledge in my specialty. I enjoy writing problem-based teaching texts and clinically oriented medical articles.

I also enjoy writing fiction, although I don't have as much time to spend on that as I would like.

My passion is helping others improve their writing skills to further their careers and personal fulfillment.